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mardi 11 septembre 2012

Quelle action des parents a le plus d'influence sur le rendement scolaire??

Résultats d'une méta-analyse

This meta-analysis from Urban Education examines the relationship between school-based parental involvement programs and the academic achievement of pre-k to 12th-grade children. Findings of the study indicate that overall there is a significant relationship between parental involvement programs and academic outcomes, but that further research is needed to examine why some types of programs have a greater impact on educational achievement than others.

The types of parental involvement programs examined are:
  • Shared reading programs, which show the strongest relationship with improvement in educational outcomes (effect size = .51, p< .01).
  • Emphasized partnership programs, which involve parents and teachers working together as equal partners to help improve students' academic or behavioral outcomes. This type of program has the second largest effect size on educational outcomes (ES=.35, p< .05).
  • Communication between parents and teachers has an effect size of .28 (p< .05).
  • Checking homework produced the smallest effect size of the four programs (ES=.27, p< .05)
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