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jeudi 7 juin 2012

Print Awareness and Reading Achievement


A new study indicates that making one small change in how we read aloud to preschoolers can make a big difference in literacy achievement. The small change? Pointing out printed words as we read aloud. Researchers have been studying the impact of this simple intervention on a group of preschoolers from at-risk communities. So far, the kids have been followed for two years and according to the most recent findings (published in the journal Child Development), these small changes make a measurable difference. "Children who focused their attention on print … had better literacy outcomes than those who did not," says Shane Piasta, one of the researchers. "It was very clear."

Piasta, S. B., Justice, L. M., McGinty, A. S. and Kaderavek, J. N. (2012). Increasing young children’s contact with print during shared reading: Longitudinal effects on literacy achievement. Child Development, 83(3), 810–820.

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