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mercredi 18 avril 2012

Are boys better off with male and girls with female teachers? A multilevel investigation of measurement invariance and gender match in teacher–student relationship quality

Available online 25 February 2012

  • Jantine L. SpiltaCorresponding author contact informationE-mail the corresponding author
  • Helma M.Y. Koomenb
  • Suzanne Jakb
  • a VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • b University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


    Although research consistently points to poorer teacher–student relationships for boys than girls, there are no studies that take into account the effects of teacher gender and control for possible measurement non-invariance across student and teacher gender. This study addressed both issues. The sample included 649 primary school teachers (182 men) and 1493 students (685 boys). Teachers completed a slightly adapted version of the Student–Teacher Relationship Scale. The results indicated limited measurement non-invariance in teacher reports. Female teachers reported better (i.e., more close, less conflictual, and less dependent) relationships with students than male teachers. In addition, both male and female teachers reported more conflictual relationships with boys than with girls, and female teachers also reported less close relationships with boys than with girls. The findings challenge society's presumption that male teachers have better relationships with boys than women teachers.