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mercredi 21 mars 2012

Articles intéressants de Barak Rosenshine et Richard E. Clark (2012)

American Educator Spring 2012
Putting Students on the Path to Learning 
The Case for Fully Guided Instruction
By Richard E. Clark, Paul A. Kirschner, and John Sweller
Discovery learning, problem-based learning, inquiry learning, constructivist learning—whatever the label, teaching that only partially guides students, and expects them to discover information on their own, is not effective or efficient. Decades of research clearly demonstrates that when teaching new information or skills, step-by-step instruction with full explanations works best.
Principles of Instruction 
Research-Based Strategies That All Teachers Should Know
By Barak Rosenshine
The opening article (see above) explains why—for novices—fully guided instruction is best. This article translates three bodies of research into highly effective instructional practices, such as teaching new material in small amounts, modeling, asking lots of questions, providing feedback, and making time for practice and review.