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jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Enseignement efficace de la pensée critique = Enseignement explicite!

Pedagogy for developing critical thinking in adolescents: Explicit instruction produces greatest gains
Lisa M. Marina, Diane F. Halpernb,

Although the development and transfer of critical thinking skills are recognized as primary
goals for education, there is little empirical evidence to help educators decide how to
teach in ways that enhance critical thinking. In two studies, we compared explicit and
imbedded instructional modes and assessed critical thinking with the Halpern Critical
Thinking Assessment, which uses both constructed response and multiple-choice response
formats with everyday situations. Participants were high school students in the United
States attending low-performing high schools with large minority enrollment. In both studies,
the students receiving explicit instruction showed much larger gains than those in the
imbedded instruction group. Grade point average was significantly related to critical thinking
scores, but as expected its relationship with critical thinking was much weaker than
standardized test scores. These results provide robust evidence that explicit instruction is
an effective method for teaching critical thinking skills to high school students.

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